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INESAP at NPT RevCon 2010

The 2010 Review Conference of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty was held May 3-28 at the United Nations headquarters in New York.
INESAP was represented at the conference, inter alia with presentations held by non-governmental organizations and with simulated negotiations on a Nuclear Weapons Convention by 35 international participants from different universities (Wednesday, May 11, and Thursday, May 12). In total, INESAP accredited 49 participants to the conference.
Third Simulated Negotiations on a Nuclear Weapons Convention
Simulation of negotiations on the Model NUclear Weapons Convention with 35 students; Tuesday and Wednesday, May 11 and 12, 10.00 am - 6.00 pm

Promoting the Model Nuclear Weapons Convention

  • Presentation giving at a side event of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)
  • NGO Speech delivered on April 7 2010 by Rebecca Johnson drafted with input from INESAP

Evaluation of the NPT RevCon 2010

  • Beginn der Realität: Zu den Ergebnissen der NPT-Überprüfungskonferenz. Article by Regina Hagen in IPPNW Forum June 2010 

Now is the time for action on "tactical" nuclear weapons
Statement to the NPT Conference 2010 by 14 NGOs including INESAP

New Technologies for Verifying the Additional Protocol - Can clandestine production of nuclear materials be uncovered by using environmental sampling?
Panel on the detection of nuclear-weapons-usable materials production by iGSE in cooperation with INESAP