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US Leadership for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World

An Appeal to the Next President of the United States


Nuclear weapons could destroy civilization and end intelligent life on the planet. The only sure way to prevent nuclear proliferation, nuclear terrorism and nuclear war – before the next blinding flash – is to rid the world of nuclear weapons. The era of nuclear weapons must be brought to an end. This can be done. It will require leadership and commitment. Nuclear weapons were created by humans, and it is our responsibility to eliminate them before they eliminate us. The United States, as the world’s most militarily powerful nation, must take the initiative in convening and leading the nations of the world to urgently take the following steps:

  • De-alert. Remove all nuclear weapons from high-alert status, separating warheads from delivery vehicles;
  • No First Use. Make legally binding commitments to No First Use of nuclear weapons and establish nuclear policies consistent with this commitment;
  • No New Nuclear Weapons. Initiate a moratorium on the research and development of new nuclear weapons, such as the Reliable Replacement Warhead;
  • Ban Nuclear Testing Forever. Ratify and bring into force the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty;
  • Control Nuclear Material. Create a verifiable Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty with provisions to bring all weapons-grade nuclear material and the technologies to create such material under strict and effective international control;
  • Nuclear Weapons Convention. Commence good faith negotiations, as required by the Non-Proliferation Treaty, to achieve a Nuclear Weapons Convention for the phased, verifiable and irreversible elimination of nuclear weapons;
  • Resources for Peace. Reallocate resources from the tens of billions currently spent on nuclear arms to alleviating poverty, preventing and curing disease, eliminating hunger and expanding educational opportunities throughout the world.

We call upon the next President of the United States to make a world free of nuclear weapons an urgent priority and to assure US leadership to realize this goal.

To sign the appeal, go to www.wagingpeace.org.