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Latest INES Newsletters

The International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility (INES) published the following Newsletters in recent months:

Special Edition for the NPT PrepCom 2008

  • The Non-proliferation Treaty and Human Survival by Dr. David Krieger
  • Words to the NPT PrepCom Geneva 2008 by Judge Christopher Weeramantry
  • Military R&D 85 Times Larger Than Renewable Energy R&D by Dr. Stuart Parkinson
  • UN Voting on Nuclear Disarmament Shows Abysmal US Record by Dr. David Krieger


No 58, March 2008

  • Nuclear weapons and their link to nuclear energy. How to deal with the dangerous connection? by Wolfgang Liebert
  • Activities and Achievements of the rural Development & Youth Training Institute in Rajastan, India by Jambu Kumar Jain
  • 1st Indian National INES Conference: Role of Scientists & Engineers Towards Social Responsibility in Developing Countries, 9 December 2007, Nagpur, India
  • Science, Peace and Sustainability: Mexico INES Conference Review by Alberto Salazar
  • Stronger Cooperation with Cuban INES Member Organisation in the Future
  • Joseph Rotblat: Visionary for Peace. Book review by Jürgen Scheffran


No 57, November 2007

  • New Developments in the Verification of Nuclear Arms Control by Martin B. Kalinowski
  • Nuclear Weapons and the Responsibility of Scientists by David Krieger
  • Middle Powers Initiative Statement: US/Iran Confrontation – Intensified Diplomacy and Adherence to International Law
  • Nuclear Non-Proliferation: The Security Context by IAEA Director General Dr Mohamed ElBaradei
  • Interview with Prof. Angelo Baracca, University of Florence